About us


MBA is a business that supplies goods and services to all industrial areas.

The business focuses on three areas:
Sales of all types of lubricants, lifting equipment, personal protective equipment, workshop equipment, etc.
• Maintenance and yearly inspection of machinery and equipment.
• Services of crane operators, machine operators, truck drivers, slingers and banksmen 

All employees have broad professional expertise in machinery and equipment. M-BA provides services according to our customers' needs. We are innovative and concerned with the quality of everything we deliver. Our office, warehouse and workshop are located at Osholmen in Skarbøvik.


At MBA our vision is to partner with our clients in their continued efforts to make safety at the forefront of their company culture.

We want our brand to be synonymous with safety; keeping a focus on training our clients' employees in the latest techniques and delivering quality safety-focused products


MBA is a company certified by ASAS Certification for performing inspection of work equipment, with certificate number ATS-213.
This means that we can carry out annual inspections and approve work equipment, subject to requirements for inspection in accordance with the Working Environment Act.
In addition, we have inspectors who are approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority for the inspection of cranes and lifting equipment on board ships.