Please find below a list of the courses we provide.

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G1 Mobile Crane
G2 Tower Crane
G3 Gantry Crane
G4 Overhead crane
G5 Offshore Crane
G7 Winches and Wire Lines
G8 Lorry Crane
G9 Wireline Cranes
G11 Lifting Equipment (Slinger and Banksman)
G20 Other Cranes
T1-5 Forklift up to 10 tons (lifting capacity)
T6-8 Forklift above 10 tons (lifting capacity)
C1 and C2 Telescopic Forklift
Rigger Course
Winch Operator Course
Hot Work
Scaffolding Course
Boom Lift (cherry picker)
NORSOK - R003 / 005 user course - 8 hours
HSE Basic Course - 40 hours
Welding Courses
Steel rope - Inspection and maintenance
Steel rope - termination
Inspection and maintenance of lifting equipment on board ships
G7K Inspection of winches and wire lines
G11K Inspection of lifting equipment
G10K Inspection of chain blocks
AED Basic Course
Fall protection course for instructors
M1-8 Excavators and Earthmovers 
Fall protection
Confined Space and Rescue 
IMDG Course
Mentor Training
Gas measurement (Use of portable gas meters)
Winch operator
First aid
Course for operationally responsible person according to NORSOK R003
Packing, securing and transport of loads according to NOG 116
Safe drinking water offshore
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